Become A Youtube Partner And Start Earning Money From Advertisements.

Advertisements Are Almost Certainly Going To Be The Most Lucrative Form Of Money You’ll Want To Investigate.

Joining The Youtube Partner Program And Setting Up Monetization Is A Vital Initial Step, Regardless Of Whether You Want To Make Money On Youtube Without Creating Videos Or Whether You Want To Make Money As A Content Provider.

On Youtube, How Do You Enable Monetization?

Obtain Access To The Youtube Account That You Wish To Monetize.

In The Upper Right Corner, Click On The Account Icon To See Your Account Information.

Select Youtube Studio From The Drop-Down Menu.

Select Monetization From The More Features Drop-Down Box On The Left.

Read The Youtube Partner Program Terms And Conditions And Agree To Them.

You Can Either Create A New Adsense Account Or Connect An Existing Account To Your Youtube Channel To Gain Access To Google’s Advertising Network. (You Must Have An Adsense Account In Order To Be Paid.)

Set Your Monetization Choices In The Settings Menu.

Once You’ve Finished, Return To Your Dashboard And Select The Analytics Tab From The Left-Hand Navigation Bar. For A General Indication Of Your Expected Income, Select Income From The Top-Level Tabs And Then Scroll Down To The Estimated Monthly Income Table, Which Is Located Near The Bottom Of The Page.

While It Is Incredibly Simple To Become A Youtube Partner And Enable Monetization On Your Channel, This Is By Far The Least Profitable Source Of Money Available On The Internet.

Why Should You Go Beyond Advertisements To Monetize Your Youtube Channel?

Because It Has Made The Criteria For Determining Whether Video Content Submitted By Partners Is “Fit For Monetization” Through The Partner Program More Open, Youtube Has Sparked Significant Debate And Debate Is Still Raging. As A Result, Several Content Creators Have Realised That They Are At Risk Of Losing A Portion Of Their Advertising Revenue As A Result Of The Nature Of Their Material.

According To Youtube, Your Videos May Be Disqualified From Participation In The Monetization Programme If They Contain Or Involve In Any Way The Following:

Containment With Sexually Explicit Content, Such As Moments Of Sexual Comedy And Partial Nudity

Sequences Of Violence, Especially Scenes In Which Incidents Related To Violent Extremism And Significant Harm Are Depicted, Are Prohibited.

The Use Of Offensive Language, Such As Language Associated With Harassment, Obscenity, And Vulgarity.

Sale, Usage, And Abuse Of Drugs And Regulated Substances Are All Covered Under This Umbrella Term.

Controversial Or Sensitive Events And Issues, Such As Those Relating To War, Political Struggle, And Natural Disasters / Tragedies, May Be Discussed Even If No Graphic Visuals Or Scenes Are Exhibited.

Even Nevertheless, Youtube Began Demonetizing Content Judged Unfit For Advertising In 2012, Using An Automated Method That Was Implemented In Phases Over Time.

Youtubers Were Already Losing A Portion Of Their Advertising Revenue As A Result Of Their Videos Being Demonetized Without Their Knowledge Or Consent In Some Cases.

The Situation Has Significantly Improved In Recent Years, With Artists Now Being Told When Such Initiatives Are Implemented And Having The Ability To Seek A Review Of Any Video That Appears To Have Been Mistakenly Banned From The Youtube Ad Network.

New Creators Who Desire To Generate A Source Of Passive Income Through Monetization Through The Youtube Advertising Network Are Frequently Drawn To The Monetization Opportunities Offered By The Youtube Advertising Network. However, In Practise, Youtube Retains 45 Percent Of The Advertising Money Generated By Its Affiliates And Advertisers.

In Conclusion, Youtubers Should Look For Alternative Kinds Of Revenue In Order To Sustain Their Creative Passion.

Let’s Have A Look At The Next Alternative.

Make Money Off Of Your Youtube Channel By Selling Things That You Promote In Your Videos.

Selling Things – Whether They Be T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs, Throw Pillows, Tablet Cases, Or Anything Else – Provides Numerous Advantages That Go Beyond Financial Gain And Are Discussed Here.

To Begin, The Most Straightforward And Time-Efficient Method Of Selling Your Own Products Through Your Youtube Channel Is Still The Combination Of Print On Demand And Dropshipping.

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