Link Twitter And Facebook To Sync Your Accounts

It Is Often Frustrating Not To Be Able To Find Your Twitter Posts On Facebook. However, There Is A Little Trick So That Your Facebook Friends Can See Your Twitter Posts Without Having To Retype Everything. How? ‘or’ What ? Just Connect Twitter And Facebook Together So All Your Tweets Sync And Appear On Your Facebook News Feed. Follow The Guide !

How To Sync Twitter To Facebook?

By Clicking On Your Profile, Bring Up The Menu And Click On Menu Settings

Then Go To The Applications Tab In The Menu On The Left

In The List Of Applications, Go To The Facebook Connect Section Then Click On ”  Connect This Account To Facebook  “

A Popup Opens At This Time. If You Are Already Logged Into Facebook, You Will See Your Profile Appear. Otherwise, Connect To Your Facebook Profile With Your Credentials And Click On ” Connection  “

Once Logged In, A Message Will Tell You That Twitter Will Receive Certain Information From Your Facebook Account, Including Your Public Profile And Birthday . Click ” Continue As Your Name  ” To Continue.

Also In This Same Window, Twitter Asks You At What Level Of Confidentiality It Can Post On Facebook For You (Public, Friends, You Only And Personalized). Select Your Preference And Click “ Ok ”.

Finally, The Last Step Is To Choose Twitter Permissions. You Will Have The Option To Post The Retweets On Facebook And / Or Post Your Tweets On Your Facebook Profiles. If You Have A Facebook Page, You Can Also Authorize To Publish On One Of Your Pages (Except Private Messages And Mentions Which Will Not Be Published)

Your Changes Will Be Saved Automatically

You May Notice That Tweets Sent From Your Phone Will Also Appear On Your Facebook News Feed.

Publish Facebook Posts On Twitter

Log In To Your Personal Facebook Profile

Depending On Whether You Want To Link Your Profile Or Your Page, Click On ”  Link My Profile To Twitter ” Or ”  Link A Page To Twitter Account “, Then Selecting The Page To Link.

On The Page That Opens, Click On ”  Authorize The Application  ” To Authorize Facebook To Post To The Twitter Account

Finally, Change The Settings To Define The Types Of Facebook Post To Relay On Your Twitter Profile

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Keep The Competition At Bay With A Simple And Fun Tool

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General Public Training

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