What Is Twitter For A Business?

There Was A Time When, When You Saw A Blue Bird, It Meant Nothing Special To Anyone (Apart From Bird Watchers).

The Same Cannot Be Said Today: Created In 2006, Twitter (With Its Famous Little Blue Bird) Quickly Established Itself As One Of The Main Social Networks . 

With More Than 500 Million Subscribers Worldwide And More Than 7 Million In France, Twitter Has Become Part Of Everyone’s Daily Life, Especially In The Professional Environment.

Twitter Has Even Become So Common For Us That In June 2012, The Words “Twitter” (Proper Name), “Twitt” Or “Tweet”, “Twitter” Or “Tweeter”, As Well As “Twitter” Or “Tweeter”, Have Made Their Appearance In The 2013 Edition Of The Petit Larousse.

How To Use Twitter?

Twitter Is Defined As A Service That Allows You To Tell What You Are Doing When You Are Doing It. Concretely, Twitter Allows An Internet User To Send Free Tweets, In Fact, Short Messages Limited To 140 Characters .

The Conciseness Imposed By The Format Is The Essential Difference Between Twitter And A Traditional Social Network .

Professionals, Do You Speak Twitter?

More Than Any Other Social Network, Twitter Has Its Codes, Its Lexical Field, Its Rules Of Conduct.

For Example, We Will Not Send You A Dm (Direct Message Or Private Message), To Tell You About The Famous Hashtags, Which We No Longer Present! Come Instead, Dear Twittos, Take A Look At Our Tl (Timeline Or News Feed), We Will Send You A “Welcome To The Large Community Of Our Followers (Subscribers)”!

Twitter For Businesses, How Does It Work?

Like All Social Networks, Twitter Allows You To Create A List Of Subscribers ( The Famous Followers), To Then Be Able To Inform Them Of Your News, Or Even Follow Theirs (The News Feed).

This List Of Subscribers Is Very Easy To Administer And Allows For Multiple Interactions.

In Addition To Track Accounts ( Following ) Or Being Followed (By Your Followers ), You Can Rt ( Retweet ) Publications That Seem Relevant, And Mention Of Other Subscribers ( @) .

On A Professional Level, You Therefore Have The Possibility Of Following The News Of Brands, To Obtain Specific Information, Or Of Internet Users Whose Publications You Appreciate, Or Who Are Influential In Your Field Of Activity.

This Is One Of The Interests Of Twitter.

Good Reasons For Your Business To Be On Twitter

On Twitter Information Circulates Very Quickly, In A Very Concise And Therefore Often Precise Way. Your Customers, Your Competitors, Are Listening To What Is Being Written.

Your Business On Twitter

When You Are A Business, And You Open An Account On Twitter, You Can Legitimately Aim For The Following Objectives: Increase Your Visibility , Create A Community, And Improve Your Brand Image . 

Yes, All Of That.

Use Twitter To Build A Community

Twitter Is A Tool That Will Allow You To Easily Inform Your Community, To Retain It And To Make It Grow. 

But Also And Above All, To Interact With It. This Last Point Is Kind Of The Whole Principle Of Social Networks, And It Is Mainly Why They Are So Popular With The Public: Because They Each Put On The Front Of The Stage. 

So, Shamelessly Exploit The Vein: Listen To Your Consumers’ Feedback, Interact With Them, And Promote Your Customers. 

Twitter To Increase Visibility, With Influencers

Analysts, Journalists, Influencers Of All Kinds Are Very Present On Twitter.

Spreading Information That May Interest Them, Retweeting Their Content, And Engaging In A Dialogue With Them Is A Great Way To Get These Influencers To Talk About Your Products Or Business.

The Short Format Of The Messages Makes Their Reading Simple – Fast – Efficient.

Here’s Why Twitter Has Become The Benchmark For Virality In The Dissemination Of Information.

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